a point of no return

Martina Menegon: a point of no return

Interactive Live Simulation, Performative Virtual Sculpture, 2022

An irreversible action, a point beyond control, impossible to stop, unavoidable, unpredictable. In “a point of no return”, a group of glitched digital selfies of the artist is forced, by algorithmic constraints, to continuously and helplessly be together and follow a point in space. Forming a tormentous cloud – whose size is randomly determined at every load – the avatars follow the user’s cursor movements and react at any mouse click as the gravity of the virtual environment would randomly change. “a point of no return” wants to bring attention to the idea of care for our digital selves within virtual spaces. As the avatars are extremely sensitive to the user’s gestures and cursor’s movement speed, their very perceivable struggle can be almost interrupted if the user is willing to act carefully and delicately.