Nikolaus Gansterer: untertagüberbau

3 channel HD video installation, stereo soundtrack, 16:03 min, 2017

sound: Martin Siewert

Nikolaus Gansterer. Foto Manfred Neuwirth

„A chalk line crosses the screen, makes a loop and continues on its way. Start by selecting and framing a fragment, taking a sample and measuring. Then lead the studio materials (paper, chalk, water, glass), the found materials (wood, green leaf) and the invited materials (snails and slugs) towards sensuality, schematic rationalization, or the observation of the various scales of the living through collection, experimentation and analysis. Nikolaus Gansterer’s three videos are accompanied by a sound composition by musician Martin Siewert. Created in his studio while listening amongst others to scientific radio programs, Untertagüberbau (neologism juxtaposing the underground work to a hyper structure) is a video recording of gestures around a laboratory table. This production initiated the practice of “trans-reading”, annotating sessions occurring in situations of direct listening. The passage from one state to another functions through happy chance occurrences, afterthoughts, jumping from pillar to post by coming and going, collapsing and emerging. Impossible to concentrate very long. The frailty of a state is like a blast of wind on a fragment.“ (Sophie Orlando)